The Internet Reacts To Jerry Seinfeld's Show Getting Canceled In Mumbai!

Shreemi Verma , 13 Mar 2015

Jerry Seinfeld‘s upcoming Mumbai show has been cancelled due to parking issues. Yes. This is why we can’t have good things in India. The Internet (Twitter actually) isn’t too happy either, but like everything else, people are tweeting rather funny things about it. Check out some of the best tweets regarding Seinfeld and the problems of parking in Mumbai!

1) José was so funny about it, I don’t feel bad for the show getting cancelled anymore! No, I still do actually.

2) People now know what Seinfeld’s next stand-up comedy material will be!

3) Atul Khatri saw the silver lining here as well!

4) Sapan Verma basically read my mind TBH.

5) And our face was the same as Bollywood G*ndu’s when we heard of #SeinfeldCanceled!

6) Jerry Seinfeld’s web show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee was given a new name!

7) Mihir Fadnavis took us back to those dark days when we thought Christopher Nolan was coming to Bombay!

8) Jugal made the Sein-fled joke and it was REALLY funny okay?!

9) As I said before, many people were sure this is what Jerry Seinfeld is going to joke about on his next show!

10) And finally, Rohan Joshi already foresaw this article!  

It’s a sad day guys, but it’s alright… tomorrow is another day!

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