United Kingdom's Daughters: Could This Be India's Reply To #IndiasDaughter?

Aayushi Bhargava , 13 Mar 2015
United Kingdom's Daughters
United Kingdom’s Daughters

I’m sure every Indian is aware of the BBC documentary called India’s Daughter. It created chaos in the moral system of the country after it was banned by our politicians. The documentary created a much needed awareness for the masses but it also worked against India in many aspects. Primarily, people started associating India with terms like ‘rape culture’ and a country that has a ‘rape problem’.

Here’s a video that tells the UK that the problem doesn’t only exist in our country. It’s a worldwide problem! With UK being at number 4 when it comes to the most rape statistics (considering India’s population is three times theirs) – it urges to focus on their country’s ‘rape problem’ as well.

….Because a daughter is a daughter!

Harvinder Singh does make a strong point. Is his response justified?

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