11 Things That Happened When AAP Became A 'Sting' Of Jokes On Twitter!

Aayushi Bhargava , 14 Mar 2015
Source: Twiiter | @NewsFlicks
Source: Twiiter | @NewsFlicks

If you’re Twitter savvy, then you’d already know that #ReplaceMovieTitleWithSting has been trending. With all the Aam Aadmi Party debates and discussions going on – a joke on AAP never seems to get old. So, with every chance they get, we know people are going to make the most of it. Check out some hilarious responses by the tweeple:

1) All hail, Aam Aadmi!

2) The man is back!

3) That’s unfortunate!

4) Well, their colours do keep changing.

5) Little bit of con, here and there.

6) All these accusations…

7) Really?

8) Fearless party.

9) Is it?

10) Hopefully!

11) Full on Desi style!

Do you have any contributions to make to this string of STINGS?

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