Katrina Kaif Spills The Beans At The India Today Conclave!

Aayushi Bhargava , 14 Mar 2015
Katrina Kaif
Source: Twitter @KatrinaKaifFB

Katrina Kaif has success written all over her. At least, that’s something one would say if they looked at her career graph now. But don’t you wonder sometimes, how it all began for the actress? Recently, at the India Today Conclave, 2015, Katrina opened up about her life. The usually private lady never chooses to share too much with the media, but this time she seemed rather open.

1) How she got her first film.

She spoke about her first film, Boom, which was all a thing of luck, so to say. Apparently, she was never a choice for the film. She said that Meghna Reddy, who at that time was a very popular model, had backed out of the film at the last minute. So, the team needed an urgent replacement and so they decided to cast Katrina. And since it didn’t require Kat to speak any Hindi, she accepted it.

2) Complaining to her brother about her boyfriends.

Kat joked about how she has a whatsapp group with her sisters and one brother called ‘Sisters’ – and they refuse to change it despite having their brother in it. She added that he is a great support for her and also said,

If you are complaining about your boyfriend saying, ‘he just doesn’t value me, he takes me for granted. I am fed up of being not acknowledged enough’, my brother takes my side saying, ‘that’s right, that is just terrible Katrina, you are right. Do not put up with it.’ He is on the women’s side now.


3) Changing her surname.

She said she wishes to use her father’s surname, which is ‘Kaif’ over ‘Turquotte’, which is her mother’s. It is only because his is an Indian name while her mother’s is British. She found it more appropriate for working in India.

4) Her attraction to older men.

For Katrina, older men are the hotter deal! She loves “men who’ve lived life, men who have a sense of experience.”

We do kind of relate to that!

5) In regards to Deepika Padukone.

When asked about the ongoing tiffs between her and Deepika Padukone, she said that she has no animosity with anyone in the industry! She also said,

I don’t like people saying bad things about me. I get hurt, which is precisely why I don’t say bad things about others either.

6) About Salman Khan.

She spoke about Salman Khan who will always be a special part of her life, and not just him, but also his family.

7) Ranbir Kapoor’s Family.

After the reported differences with Neetu Kapoor, Kat finally commented on Neetu Kapoor and the Kapoor family, she said,

I am a sensitive person and she is a beautiful stunning lady. Somebody who I have great admiration for. As a woman, she is a fantastic person. Ranbir’s family is lovely, even his father is a darling.

That’s sweet!

8) Her ambitions in B-town.

She also revealed the vision of how she wanted to be loved. She hopes to become a household name in India and be as loved as Hema Malini.

Source: www.tumblr.com
Source: www.tumblr.com

We know Katrina likes to stay mum about her personal life, so confessing so much is a pretty good deal, right? The path she paved for herself in Bollywood isn’t easy and lady, hardly did you know that one day you’d be one of the most coveted actresses of B-town.

I guess, no matter who you are or where you’re from, if it’s destined – luck will find you!

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