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LFW Apartment

Last season, this apartment was a blessing. Why, you ask? It came stocked with food, clothes, shoes, hair, makeup and everything else you could possibly need to survive fashion week! Yes, this included a bed to nap in and a bathroom to shower in, if need be. Amazing, right? Thankfully they’re back again this year and Team MissMalini is about to take the grand tour. We’re chatting with all the bloggers about how they survive Lakmé Fashion Week and even designer Ridhi Mehra – because we’re sure the designers have tricks of their own!

Ridhi Mehra & Amrita Puri
Ridhi Mehra & Amrita Puri

We can’t wait to find out. You can watch it all happen LIVE right here…

Psst, we’re chatting with Manish Malhotra next and he’s answering all your questions, stay tuned!