Ira Dubey
Ira Dubey

A prominent theater personality remembered most for her work as Pinky Bose in Sonam Kapoor‘s Aisha (2010), Ira Dubey is now returning to the big screen after a hiatus. While she has also been quite prominent on the television circuit as a host and presenter, one looks forward to what she has to bring on screen with Dilliwalli Zaalim Girlfriend where she is playing a female lead. We get into a tête-à-tête!

Guess you showcase the positive side of Delhi when compared to the Zaalim side that Prachi puts on display?

Well, I am not a vamp though I am not saying that Prachi is one (laughs). In fact we had a blast working together. It was quite interesting for me to do this film because I am playing this modern, young, independent girl. When I hear that girls should get married after studies, it upsets me. The new content that has come in the film is brilliant. Along with Divyendu and Pradhuman, who as a team have brought out some real good stuff, we get together on a fun mission.

Moreover, you also take on Jackie Shroff, who plays a fun-loving villain in the film, right?

Jackie da being around was like an icing on the cake. He is so wonderful to work with; he is absolutely chilled out. He is also so dedicated. I learnt a lot about dedication first from Anil Kapoor in Aisha and now from Jackie Shroff in Dilliwalli Zaalim Girlfriend. The kind of commitment and energy that they bring on board is amazing. They bring this aura with them. It is not just the star quality and charisma that they possess but what is wonderful is the fact that they have sustained these traits over the decades. That is amazing. We are lucky to be working with such people. It was a lot of fun.

Apparently, the story takes a turn when Jackis Shroff enters the scene. As per the makers, what is special about the film is that in the garb of comedy, it also makes a commentary on the system and that how individuals can speak up against the system and deal with that in a common way. Now one looks forward to how all of this actually plays on screen in this Japinder Baweja directed film which has been released all over.