Whoa! Kritika Kamra Slappped Rajeev Khandelwal Because He Tried Kissing Her!

Swagata Dam , 21 Mar 2015
Rajeev and Kritika | Source of Kritika's photo: Kritka Kamra Facebook |
Rajeev and Kritika | Source of Kritika’s photo: Kritka Kamra Facebook |

Yes, you’ve read it right! The critically acclaimed and super smart Rajeev Khandelwal recently got slapped by his co-star, Kritika Kamra, while shooting for the promo of their upcoming TV show. A reliable source involved with the show claims that Rajeev was acting inappropriately with Kritika and that’s what instigated her to take this action.

One of the spectators, who witnessed the incident, says:

Yes, Suddenly between the shot, Rajeev went closer to Kritika and tried kissing her. A stunned Kritika didn’t know how to react. She immediately gathered her senses and slapped him right across the face!

It seems the whole incident has been captured on camera but none of the parties have confirmed the story. We tried getting in touch with Rajeev and Kritika but none of them responded to our queries.

Now, going by the kind of man Rajeev is known to be, I don’t know if this piece of info is entirely true. Maybe it was a part of the sequence and someone misunderstood it. Maybe it’s a publicity gimmick or maybe it’s true. I guess time will tell.

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