Source: Facebook | Indian Cricket Team
Source: Facebook | Indian Cricket Team

India plays Australia in the Cricket World Cup semi-finals tomorrow and we cannot wait for 24 hours to pass, really! I mean even Anushka Sharma has landed in Sydney to support beau Virat Kohli. Streets are going to be empty, offices are going to be vacant and beer is going to be flowing as the entire country will be watching the men in blue and the men in yellow fight it out. Here are the best tweets we found about tomorrow’s semi-final, check them out!

1) Atul Khatri knows exactly why Sharad Pawar has landed in Australia!

2) Gabbar Singh was tweeting like an expert.

And we are totally convinced TBH.

3) Anoop had fun trivia to share with Gabbar (and the rest of us) regarding the men in yellow (not gold).

4) Varun is reliving nightmares.

5) Abhishek Bachchan is bleeeeeeding blueeee!

6) And Rajesh Nanda was a ray of sunshine!

7) And memes were made.

8) Sorabh Pant has been preparing 24 hours in advance!