This Twitter Account Puts Modern Captions On Medieval Paintings And The Results Are Hilarious!

Shreemi Verma , 25 Mar 2015

If you are on Twitter (as you must be), there’s this brilliant account which everybody should totally follow. It’s called Medieval Reactions, and seriously, it cracks me up all the time! Basically, the genius creator(s) of this account put up pictures of medieval paintings and caption them with the funniest tweets ever. Here is some of their best work!

1) The one that describes us all.

2) When ‘friends with benefits’ became a legitimate thang.

3) Ahem.

4) This picture which is basically me IRL.

5) #RelationshipGoals

6) When the hunted become the hunters.

7) Saari night, besharmi ki height.

8) Babaji ki booti.

9) That’s totally my jam!

10) Every weekday.

Best account ever amirite gaiz?

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