Indie bands with great style.
Indie bands with great style.

I kid you not. Indie bands absorb culture and the coolest styles from the street and interpret them in the best way. I listen to a lot of Indie music and make notes on their fashion too. They have come to form my mood boards for BandraRoad. I listen to music all day, and when I like a band, I follow them on social media to know them better. It’s like the street where you see something interesting and get drawn to it till you have it. Sadly, most of the time, the stuff worn by these musicians, aren’t available easily. But if you look hard enough, the streets have it all!

Well enough on that! Here are 5 musicians/bands that have great style and their music ain’t half bad! Check ’em out.


I randomly discovered Grimes and boy, is this chick cool or what! She’s weird, unique and passionate. And they’re all qualities that BandraRoad stands for, and it shows in her music. The glitter hoodie in this video is definitely something we know you’d have fun rocking! We’ve made our wish list of the clothes we want from this awesome video. See anything you like?


I’ve been a Lamb fan for years now, but recently started watching their live performances. What I totally love about the lead singer is her organic vocal styling that she brings to the way she dresses too. In the video below, she’s taken a loose simple tee and safety pinned it at places to create a cool form. I did a DIY on MMWorld with a similar safety pin trick. See here.


Here’s a cool platinum blonde chick with short graduated crop. Now don’t be spinning with my awesome control on hair lingo. Robyn is a fly artist with a sense of style that is fun with a nice jolt of pop. Don’t believe me? Well, see for yourself.


It’s kinda fun when you see BFFs in play and with style. Kinda reminds me of Sue and me out on the street. MSMR make fun music and if you follow them on Instagram you’ll see that they don’t fake it. In fact, I feel like they plan their looks every day together. It’s so cute. But what I am eyeing is that bad-ass black and white football jersey style jumper Max (producer and on keyboards) is wearing. But I’m sure Sue is eyeing Lizzy‘s leather jacket!


Meet my new favourite band. I have been listening to Bastille for a while now and love the covers they do. But ever since I saw this skeleton jumper worn by Dan, the lead vocalist, I’ve been on a hunt. You want one too? With similar matching pants? Come on, we’ll start an army. It will be fun!

Now quickly tell us your picks. We really want to know, so we can go out and hunt them down for you. We promise to spill secrets real soon! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for our updates. In fact, talk to us. Tell us where you shop and we’ll tell you where the cool clothes are hiding. Join the conversation with #BandraRoad and #LetsBeFriends and we’ll discover the streets together. Till then, we’ll bring you more right here! See you soon.