Mr. X
Mr. X

All you Chacha Chaudhary fans out there, Emraan Hashmi is coming your way! This time he is going to help Chacha Chaudhary solve a case by being the powerful Mr. X that he is – the man who fights the forces of evil with his power of invisiblity.

It is a family movie in 3D, with loads of action that is loved by the kids. So, this collaboration will be nothing less than a treat for the kids, considering how popular the comic character is!

Shikha Kapur, Chief Marketing Officer of Fox Star Studios said,

Mr X is an entertainer in the truest sense. It’s a tale of justice and redemption, replete with excellent special effects, thrilling chase sequences, designed to appeal to family audiences, especially kids who thrive on larger-than-life action heroes. The character of Mr X is intriguing one – cloaked in his invisibility powers, he dares to use the law in his own way to correct the wrongs that have been unleashed in the system. We found a relevant and engaging connect with one the most endearing icons in Indian popular culture -Chacha Chaudhary – the tireless crusader of justice and beloved of children for so many years. We are really happy to have Diamond Toons to partner with us in this unique association: to come up with an exciting comic book featuring Chacha Chaudhary and Mr X – two characters separated by age, but united in their intentions to fight crime rampant in our society. We, at Fox Star Studios, have always believed in extending the appeal of our films beyond the traditional platform, and this association is a firm step in that direction.

N K Verma, Chairman, Diamond Group said,

We are delighted to partner with Foxstar Studios for this exclusive edition of ‘Chacha Chaudhary and Mr. X’. Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu have captured the attention of numerous readers traversing various age groups. Emraan Hashmi has paid tribute to Pran by becoming a part of his latest comic Chacha Chaudhary and Mr. X. And according to me, this is the best way an artist can accolade another artist for his creations.

On second thought, I also think that it’s high time someone made a super cool movie adaptation of the series! Mr. X has been produced by Vishesh Films and is being presented by Fox Star Studios. The film releases on April 17.