Karanvir Bohra Opens Up About Quitting Qubool Hai - Here Are 5 Things He Said!

Priyam Saha , 31 Mar 2015
Karanvir Bohra
Karanvir Bohra

A lot is being said about Karanvir Bohra‘s decision to exit Qubool Hai and now the actor has finally opened up about the issue. In an interview to a tabloid, Karan spoke in depth about the reason for his exit, his overwhelming popularity, Surbhi Jyoti and much more.

Here are 5 things he said:

1. On why he is quiting

At that time I had signed up for one season only and I had no idea they were going to take a leap. I felt story-wise Aahil did not fit in the scene anymore. If a role doesn’t excite me too much, then there is no point in staying. TRPs weren’t that great either and that was a challenge for me.

2. On his overwhelming popularity

Reading all the petitions and requests online for me to stay back was also overwhelming. It made me feel that people really loved my work.

3. On why the current story line isn’t working

See I always felt the story was about Aahil and Sanam. The new story is interesting, but Aahil will be in India and Sanam in Pakistan – they wouldn’t come together, the physical proximity was not there and that’s how the show loses its charm. They are the lead pair of the show and are carrying Qubool Hai on their shoulders.

4. On the ‘Bring Aahil Back’ petition on Change.org

OMG!  Yes, I am so overwhelmed with that. There are so many people messaging me on Twitter asking me not to quit. There was this 13 year old girl who lost her mental balance over it and her folks wanted me to talk to her. As actors we just do our jobs but the difference we make to them is unbelievable; they take these things so seriously. In fact, I want to tell them personally that this is just a fictional show. I love it that they love us, but they shouldn’t be so emotional about this because then I feel hurt. I have never seen anyone file a petition for an actor leaving – that was new.

5. On Surbhi Jyoti

I’ll miss working with Surbhi a lot. She is now part of the family. Very rarely do you make such friends, I really cherish that friendship. There is no vested interest and there is no agenda. I won’t miss her friendship because it’s not like I am not leaving and going away from the country. She is close to me and Teejay, she is a dear friend and everyone needs that in this industry.

We will miss you, Karan!

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