This Vintage Picture Of Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Kapoor And Boney Kapoor Is Intense!

Shreemi Verma , 07 Apr 2015
Boney Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Kapoor
Source: Twitter @ArjunKOnline

Look at these three! Have you seen so much concentration in one frame? I don’t think I have. This candid snap was taken at the sets of Shakti – The Power, remember that movie? It gave us the classic Ishq Kameena and the on-set pictures showed us a glimpse of how different Arjun Kapoor looked back in 2002! Who knew this chubby kid would turn out to be one of the hottest men in the country? Also, does Shah Rukh Khan have access to the fountain of youth? ‘Cuz damn, the King of my heart looks exactly the same, i.e – perfect.

It’ll be interesting to watch them in a movie together now wouldn’t it?

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