OMG! #BeingDesi Could Win You A CAR, An iPAD Or A SMARTPHONE!

Shreemi Verma , 08 Apr 2015
Win a car!
Top prize: Hyundai Eon Magna Plus!


Are you a proud desi? You should definitely be, because you can now celebrate your desi-ness by getting your very own .desi domain name! So get rid of your boring .com and .in domain names and make your site a .desi – just head over to DotDesi for more details. And you wanna know why? Because unleashing your inner desi is going to make you win stuff. And when I say stuff, I mean lot of stuff. Stuff like mobile phones, iPads and maybe even a brand new CAR! How amazing is that? Yeah, I hear you: pretty amazing!

2nd Prize: iPad Mini!
2nd Prize: iPad Mini!
3rd Prize: Motorola Smartphone
3rd Prize: Motorola Smartphone

So How Do You Enter?

  1. Head over to Being.Desi
  2. Get registered.
  3. Submit pictures that denote what being desi means to you.
  4. Share your entry on Facebook or Twitter!

That’s it!

Who Wins?

The entries with maximum number of likes and traction on Facebook and Twitter will be shortlisted and the winners will be selected from the popular entries.

One lucky winner takes home a Hyundai Eon Magna Plus while the next two winners will stand a chance to win an iPad Mini3 tablet and a Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone respectively! It’s THAT easy!

The contest starts April 8th and will go on till April 15th 2015. The lucky winners will be announced on April 17th by MissMalini herself! What you waiting for? Unleash your inner desi now!

In Need of Inspiration?

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