10 Ways To Make The Rickshawala Say Yes To You!

Shreemi Verma , 09 Apr 2015
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Everyone and their moms know how difficult it is to get a rickshaw guy to say a yes to you! As I suffered rejection multiple times again this morning, I decided to list down 10 things one can definitely do while hailing a rickshaw. Trust me, this will definitely work!

1) Promise him your first born.

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Rickshaw wala or Rumpelstiltskin? You never know!

2) Perform a blood sacrifice.

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3) Start crying profusely when he says no.

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Cry cry till you succeed.

4) Tell him a place you know he’ll want to go… like Narnia or Hogwarts or something.

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And stop when your REAL destination arrives, like Kandivali or Bhandup.

5) Flash him your leg!

it happened one night
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From It Happened One Night to SATC 2, the best trick to get a rick is to throw a brick. Or just flash some leg! (sorry I got carried away with the brick part).

6) Trip and fall right in front of his rickshaw!

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He might think you’ve met with an accident and he might take you to Andheri (East)… might.

7) Offer him more money!

Shut Up And Take My Money
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Bees rupaiya extra doongi, pakka! 

8) Pay him a compliment

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Something on the lines of – nice rickshaw decor! Or nice moustache!

9) Threaten him with legal action

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You know it’s illegal to say no to me, don’t you? 

10) If nothing else works, just put some fake blood and act like you’re about to die.

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If he has a conscience he’ll take you to the nearest ambulance. ‘If’ being the operative word.

What do you think? He HAS to say a yes after this doesn’t he?

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