"Men Think With Their D*ck" - Shenaz Treasury

Joginder Tuteja , 10 Apr 2015
Shehnaz Treasurywala
Shenaz Treasury

From an MTV VJ to making her Bollywood debut in Ishq Vishk and then proceeding to write, host and produce Culture Shock for Travel Channel, Shenaz Treasury has been working at breakneck speed. She didn’t stop at that though, Shehnaz went on to act in Delhi Belly and writing the screenplay of Luv Ka The End and then moving to New York and acting in over a 100 episodes on an American Soap called One Life To Live – Shenaz Treasury has seen it all. Now she has taken another unexpected role, that of being a contributor and correspondent on the Nightly Show on Comedy Central USA which is produced by Jon Stewart.

No wonder, at an international platform, she is ready to shoot off what she feels is indeed the need of the hour!

Since the show is laced with humor, something that comes with the territory of Comedy Central, we ask Shenaz is she was comfortable with the humor quotient from Day One of the show?

Some people sing in the shower. I do stand-up in the shower,” chuckles Shenaz, “It’s always been my secret dream. Now I have a job and I am surrounded by stand ups. I’m the only non stand up. I’m a story-teller. I have stories. A lot of humiliating stories that people find funny. That’s why they selected me- for my varied back ground, humiliating but funny stories and quirky personality.

Hence, it is hardly surprising when in one of the shows, she makes a statement – ‘Men Think With Their Dick‘. Guess in a way, she was letting her voice being heard loud and clear, right?

She smiles, “There is a segment on the show where the host asks to explain as he is from Mars. I had to explain ‘Dick pic’ to the Martian. I said – “It’s when men are so proud of their manliness”. He asked, “What’s manliness?” I said ‘dick’. He said, “What is dick?” I said, “Dick is what men think with.” (Laughs) Isn’t that true?”

What do you think folks?

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