Are you ready to be your own kind of super hero? Well the AIB boys are about to tell you how. Prepare to be Internet-Man! But seriously, we need to save the Internet. And you’re our only hope. May the bandwidth be with you.

And if you watched 10 seconds of this video and “closed window” in disappointment that it’s not another roast, then let me tell you this in summary;

the AIB boys are very serious (for a change, so it must be important.) They’re urging everyone who has ever used the Internet (or ever wants to) to log on to to send out a letter to TRAI and save Net Neutrality so that we


have to pay for every app we use regularly; ergo, #SaveTheInternet

FYI, we only have till 24th April 2015 to save the Internet. I’m off to do this now, I hope you’re coming with me. (Leave a comment/screenshot below once you’re done so I know you understand how important this is! Now help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you’re our only hope.