We Spotted A New Lip Trend On The Red Carpet At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards!

Devanshi Kapadia , 13 Apr 2015
Scarlett Johansson (Source: Image Collect)
Jennifer Lopez (Source: Image Collect)
Emily Ratajkowski (Source: Image Collect)
Charlie XCX (Source: Image Collect)

Earlier this season, we predicted a beauty trend that we told you was going to become a “thing.” And guess what we spotted all over the red carpet last night at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards!? A sculpted lip, but of course! Everyone from pop singer, Charlie XCX to Jennifer Lopez were rocking the stand-out pout.

The thing about a sculpted lip is: it’s all about technique and not so much about color. You can make a statement with almost any color. While Scarlett Johansson‘s lips look luscious in baby pink, model, Emily Ratajkowski looks seductive in a neutral shade. Make sure it’s a full color, whether matte or accentuated with a gloss, the lipstick shade should be bold and shape your lips.

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