This Hunk Spoke To His Wife Before Shooting With Sunny Leone!

Priyam Saha , 16 Apr 2015
Rajneesh Duggal
Rajneesh Duggal

Recently, Sunny Leone was heard exclaiming that she isn’t in Bollywood to steal someone’s husband. Well, even though she must be quite sure about this in her mind and heart, while numerous wives of B-town too have started nodding in approval, it was a curious case of a leading man himself who wanted to be sure about knowing how his better half reacted before he arrived on the sets to share some steamy encounters with Sunny.

He was none other than our very own Khatron Ke Khiladi, Rajniesh Duggall.

A friend of Rajniesh’s said:

 He is madly in love with his wife of many years, Pallavi. If you look at his career graph (1920, Phhir, Dangerous Ishq), he has never crossed the line with his on-screen partner, even if a film’s subject may require intimacy in front of the camera. Hence, when Ek Paheli Leela came his way and that too with Sunny Leone as the leading lady, he wanted to make sure that his wife knew what he was stepping into.

Of course, being a lovely lady that she is, Pallavi eased Rajniesh and in fact wondered why her hubby was thinking so much, considering the world of films is anyways a make believe world.

Guess there has been some sort of a block in my mind. I have never felt comfortable about going all out on screen. This is not just with Sunny, after all she is a wonderful lady; this has been a thought with my other female co-stars as well. I always thought of on-screen intimacy as an issue for me as I love Pallavi a lot. I never wanted her to feel otherwise. However, she was always fine with it, even when I wasn’.

After a heart to heart conversation with his beloved, Rajniesh felt much relaxed.

Yes, the two of us had a word and when I reached the location, I was clear what I had to do,” says Rajniesh, “See, at the end of the day it is all acting and none of it is real. Of course physically you are touching each other but then it is a part of the job. As long as it is not the core of the film and comes only in certain spaces of the film, it is fine.


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