6 Bollywood Dance Hits - Decoded! #InternationalDanceDay

Mishti Shirke , 29 Apr 2015
Deepika Padukone & Madhuri Dixit
Deepika Padukone & Madhuri Dixit

Being an absolute Bollywood fanatic as well as a complete dance enthusiast – when the two meet – it’s love at first sight! I’ve already expressed my love through the ages for the one and only, dance extraordinaire Madhuri Dixit – but given it’s international dance day, I thought, why not decode some of our favourite bollywood dance tracks for what they actually represent! Now if you’re a true dance aficionado, you’re going to understand the beauty that resides within the underlying dance styles of each of these tracks and how each of these leading ladies have done justice to exactly that.

1) Classical/Kathak – Maardala (Devdas)

I don’t think anyone could do justice to a song such as this, other than Madhuri herself! Maardala was a perfect blend of expression, grace and an array of beautifully articulated kathak. The thing about Madhuri (other than her breathtaking beauty) is she possesses the ability to make the most subtle movements look absolutely flawless. The excerpts of Kathak (particularly the dance she does on the floor) are seamless! I could watch this song over and over again, and still be in awe!

2) Cabaret – Asaalam-e-ishqum (Gunday)

I’m a little biased when it comes to Priyanka Chopra BUT I have to say (all bias aside), PeeCee did a fabulous job at portraying an almost authentic cabaret number. Everything from the racy movements on the chair, to the kicks on the floor oozed sex appeal. This entire song (backdrop, costumes and dancers included) quite aptly brought to life the essence of the sensuous and yet playful cabaret style of dance, amidst a Bollywood setting!

3) Urban/Hip Hop – Dum Maaro Dum (Dum Maaro Dum)

I know most of us tend to get lost in how AH-MAZING Deepika Padukone looks in this song *drool* BUT hats off to this hottie for nailing this number as a dancer! Deeps kicks ass with elements of krumping and hip hop, which was executed to near perfection. Oh and her body and expressions were the cherry on top. Krumping generally comes with a lot of aggression, but Deeps managed to keep her movements sharp, punchy and undeniably HOT.

4) Indo Jazz – The Dance Of Envy (Dil Toh Pagal Hai)

This particular dance number was and remains till date unique. Shiamak Davar choreographed this with a dance battle in mind – yet there was nothing ordinary about this particular dance-off. Not just because two legends were performing in it, but because (and you’ll get me if you’re as crazy about dance as I am) this is the kind of number that gets your heart racing, like on the verge of jumping out of your chest! I love the way the tension builds here, the gradual change in Madhuri’s movements and expression and Karishma Kapoor‘s determined, feisty body language. Madhuri brings it home with her perpetual grace and Karishma nails every move with a proud BANG. This was one song that left me pining for more, more, more!

6) Belly Dancing – Aga Bai (Aiyya)

OK, have you SEEN Rani Mukerji‘s movements in this song? Her perfect figure eights and the way her hips are practically in isolation from the rest of her body – oh and not to go past her unfazed expressions! This lady had me ‘ooo-ing’ and ‘aaa-ing’ with her back bends and hip rolls! Rani emulated this unstoppable bundle of energy with rubber limbs and perfect belly dance movements. Aiyyaaaaa, what a STAR!

When it comes to dance, there’s a style for everyone and there are no limits on what you can and can’t do!

Happy International Dance day folks! Keep spreading the love and joy of dance! <3

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