What Will The Royal Family Name The Newborn Princess?! Here Are 10 Options! #RoyalBaby

Aayushi Bhargava , 02 May 2015
Prince George leaves the hospital with his Royal parents
Prince George leaves the hospital with his Royal parents

After Prince George of Cambridge, it’s a girl for Kate Middleton and Prince William! A princess is born and the media is going CRAY! Next step: find out the royal baby’s name. And while we’re on it – how about we list a few?! Since they have a tradition of naming their newborn royals after their ancestors, there are quite a few options at hand!

1) Princess Victoria

Now come on, the name Victoria is a brand – literally and figuratively!

2) Princess Anna

Source: Tumblr | Anna
Source: Tumblr | Anna

OMG! You hear yourself? That’d be SO cute – just like Frozen!

3) Princess Charlotte

The name is engraved in English history – there’ll be nothing that can personify her roots more than that!

4) Princess Elizabeth

The name itself says royalty!

5) Princess Alice

Source: Tumblr | Alice In Wonderland
Source: Tumblr | Alice In Wonderland

Just so you know, mommy Kate studied Alice In Wonderland!

6) Princess Caroline

The name will be just as sublime as this little girl.

7) Princess Sophia

We like the sound of that. Subtle!

8) Princess Anne

A common name might fit well into this royal family!

9) Princess Diana

Source: Giphy | Princess Diana
Source: Giphy | Princess Diana

A name that will probably go down in the royal family’s history more prominently than any other.

10) Princess Catherine

A dreamy name, right out of the much dreamier Wuthering Heights!

We wonder what will suit the Queen best since she has the deciding vote in the matter! Which name do you like best? Eeee… we’re so excited!

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