Rishi Kapoor, Ajaz Khan
Rishi Kapoor, Ajaz Khan

The #SalmanVerdict has had various reactions. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was one of the first few celebrities who tweeted about it and empathized with the Khans. He said:

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actor Ajaz Khan had tweeted saying:

To hell with INDIAN law our Government is responsible for this. Garibo ko ghar do they sleep so close to the road.

Seemingly he has removed the tweet after he received a lot of flak for it on social media. The flak got him a spot on one of my all time favourite shows last night, The News Hour on Times Now, where Arnab Goswami was discussing with harassing his panelists over the #SalmanVerdict.

Apart from Ajaz, there was Abhijeet (the singer whose reaction to the Salman’s sentence will make you go whoa!), Firoz Khan (you might remember him as the original Arjun in Mahabharat), Naseer Abdullah (errm… does Mitr, My Friend mean anything to you?) and Shobha De, among others.

The show made for some amazing primetime entertainment (as most episodes of The News Hour do) and this one was so epic that one of my closest friends, Resham Beri, called me up to remind me to tune in. Well, looks like we weren’t the only people watching, Resham! Rishi uncle was watching too! And he had some opinions.

Check it out!


Can’t you totally imagine him saying all these things?

Well, Ajaz had a reply…


I’m not sure what he’s trying to say. Help me decode in the comments below, please?