10 Easy Yet Meaningful Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

10 Easy Yet Meaningful Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Aditi Kalra
Shalini, Malini and Manjulika Agarwal
Shalini, Malini and Manjulika Agarwal

It’s that time of the year again, where you get to show the most special lady in your life how much she means to you:) Yup, Mother’s Day is just round the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show your mama some love! Considering that she’s the very reason you exist today, no gesture is too grand. There’s just one golden rule to remember: mothers value gifts not by the price tag but by the sentiment behind it. And what is priceless for them is your time. So here’s a list of easy but meaningful things to do this Mother’s Day ‘together’ with your mom.

1) Book a day pampering her (and yourself) at a spa.

Now, if I take my mom as a benchmark for all moms out there, she will never ever go to a fancy spa when “the maalish wali is just as good beta!” This is the perfect opportunity to treat her to some much deserved R&R, and see her secret delight at all the fancy treatments.

Spa Day
Spa Day

2) Have a meal together at the restaurant she’s been wanting to try.

Food and gossip go well together, and there’s enough drama happening in most Indian families to last through eight courses!

3) Cook your favourite meal together.

If taking her out to a restaurant sounds too cliched, then why don’t you and your mom get together to cook? Bond over cooking tips, she can pass on some of her secret recipes to you, you can teach her how to give a twist to traditional food. There’s nothing mothers love to do more than to feed their kids.

4) Take her along to your Yoga/Pilates/Zumba class.

Most of our mothers are so caught up in running the household that they don’t really have time for any form of exercise. What better way to say you love her than prioritising her health? Not only will it do her some good, but she’ll feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Zumba MasterClass with Beto Perez

5) Spend the day pouring over old family albums.

Relive family holidays, childhood birthday parties, your favourite anecdotes & incidents and make new memories as you refresh old ones!

6) Plan a girls weekend away with her, just you and your mom.

Two days is long enough to spend some quality time together and short enough so you don’t kill each other :p

Aditi Kalra & Mom
Aditi Kalra & Mom

7) Give your mom a makeover!

Take her to the hairdresser for a new hairstyle. Update her wardrobe and get her to try something she normally wouldn’t. She’ll not just look like a new person but feel like one too!

Natasha Patel & her mom in Nisha Sainani & Swarovski
Mommy Makeover

8) Find an unfulfilled desire of hers and make it happen!

It could be anything, from learning how to swim or drive to pottery or painting. Give her the confidence that it’s never too late to learn!

9) Do a movie marathon!

Collect some of her favourite movies, stock up on popcorn and wine and watch her giggle and blush over her favourite film star. She’ll feel 16 all over again.

10) Pull your mother into the 21st century by getting her online!

Gift Her The Internet
Gift Her The Internet (source: Flickr)

Give her a crash course on using the Internet, set her up on social media, introduce her to YouTube. I’ve seen some of my mom’s friends go from being completely net un-savvy to setting up cookery blogs, getting hooked onto American TV shows, even online trading of shares! My own mother now answers all my queries with ‘Why don’t you just Google it beta?’ And that’s when I know my simple gesture to celebrate my mother has paid off! :)