"Anurag Kashyap Makes It Sound Like I’m Dead" - Kalki Koechlin

Swagata Dam , 11 May 2015
Kalki Koechlin & Anurag Kashyap at the 'Tribute to Hindi Cinema' event at the 12th Marrakech International Film Festival
Kalki Koechlin & Anurag Kashyap

It’s no secret that Anurag Kashyap often gets emotional while talking about his estranged wife, Kalki Koechlin. In fact, during one of his recent interviews, the filmmaker even asserted how losing her has been his “biggest loss”. So Hindustan Times quizzed Kalki about how she feels when she hears about such statements made by Kashyap. Here’s what the actress said:

Ha ha … he makes it sound like I’m dead! I’m still alive and I’m very much there for him so I don’t think he has lost me at all. I’m sure, that (Anurag’s remark) was a headline that was taken out of context … I’m sure there was a lot more to that line.

During the same interview, Kalki also added how she dislikes the way everyone has been creating a lot of ‘tamasha‘ around her relationship with Anurag.

We both very much value what we had, and yes, it does take time to get over the rawness and the hurt, but eventually you realise the value of things you had. We are not going to give in to the public pressure of this or that — we still have a very good personal relation. I still call him when I’ve had a rough day, he still calls me when he wants an opinion on something. We haven’t really lost each other. Yes, we’re not getting back together, we’re getting divorced, but you have to refrain from that tamasha that’s created around it.

Let’s just say that some bonds are meant to last forever with or without any name.

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