OMG MissMalini Has A Vlog! Are You Ready For This?!

MissMalini , 11 May 2015
The One Where I Danced On Stage With Ranbir Kapoor! Vlog #5
The One Where We Channeled Kim Kardashian! Vlog #2
The One Where I Took Video Selfies With Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma & Karan Johar! Vlog #4
The One Where I Caught Tanisha Mukherjee Chewing Gum!
The One Where Ranveer Singh Got Sexy! Vlog #3
The One With All The Unseen Ranbir Kapoor Interview Footage! Vlog #6
The One Where Ranbir Kapoor Gets On Facebook! Vlog #7
The One Where I Say Hello! (Testing, Testing 1..2..3..) Vlog #1

I seriously can’t imagine why I didn’t start this years ago, imagine all the behind-the-scenes footage I’d have collected by now! (I’m looking at you Shah Rukh Khan.) But as my mother always says, der aaye durust aaye, which doesn’t really mean better late than never, because durust means “apt” (and yes I Googled that!) so basically, it just had to happen when the time was right!

But What’s The Vlog About?

I guess you could call this a raw-er (hahaha *roar*) version of MissMalini’s World and a chance for you to see what a day in my life is really like (because no two days are alike) Expect A LOT of Bollywood celebrities behind-the-scenes, like you’ve never seen them and all of Team MissMalini being their crazy selves, totally unscripted!!!

If you like the idea and wanna see more then please SUBSCRIBE and leave me a comment below letting me know! Also feel free to mention what sort of stuff you’d like to see more of and I’ll try to edit accordingly. Now enjoy! :) xoxo

PS. Here’s a whirlwind recap of MissMalini’s World, Season 1 and what you can expect to see lots more of on Season 2!

PS. In case you missed an episode (or want to rewatch any!) here are all 13 episodes of season 1 for your viewing pleasure!

So a big fat thank you to iiSuperwomanii for introducing me to her awesome vlogging camera when we met, the Canon vixia mini x, which has pretty much changed my life! :)

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