Masterchef Australia Winner, Brent Owens
Masterchef Australia Winner, Brent Owens

As a fan of Masterchef Australia, I was very excited to meet the winner of Season 6, Brent Owens. He arrived in true Australian fashion, in comfy khaki’s and a white tee.

The first thing that struck me about him was his laid back personality and his energy. He had just arrived the day before and he had already sampled a dozen restaurants, barely slept and was completely unfazed. In fact, he was ready to tackle some more dishes after he had just had lunch. I guess that’s what it takes to win a Masterchef title. 😉


The second thing we learned about Brent is that he is a true sweetheart. Overall, the contestants of Masterchef Australia do show great teamwork and camaraderie (which is unique for these cooking competitions). But Brent took it one step further. During the beginning of the competition, Brent had made a deal with fellow contestant (and friend) Emelia. They both promised that if either of them were to win, they would give the other $50,000 of the prize money. Brent stuck to it! As hard as it was, he wrote a cheque to Emelia giving her the promised amount. He said, “A promise is a promise.” What a gentleman!


When asked whom he would love to cook for, he told us Karl Pilkington. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Karl Pilkington stars in a travel show called “An Idiot Abroad,” which was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. This is a really funny reality style travel show where Karl travels to different places and takes on different tasks. The tasks are unknown to him until he reaches the destination and are dictated by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. This was a really unexpected answer and showed Brent’s fun side. He was looking forward to the unique quirky response Karl would give his food. He also listed the very famous Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver.

Finally, what we loved about Brent was his sense of adventure with food. While he still has much to discover about Indian food (as his trip was just beginning), he is really excited to experiment with the flavours. He talked about playing with the components in a Dosa to create a savoury dessert. He is also hoping to learn how to make Idlis and put his own twist on it. Brent, I hope you’ll invite me to the tasting! 😉

To learn more about Brent Owens and his Masterchef Australia journey, you can watch the full interview below!

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