#TechTuesday: The Camera That Will Change Your Life

#TechTuesday: The Camera That Will Change Your Life

Sheefa Gilani
The Canon VIXIA mini
The Canon VIXIA mini

So, the other day boss lady, MissMalini walked into office with a little box-like shaped gadget in her hand and I absolutely couldn’t take my eyes of it. Say hello to MissMalini’s newest bff – The Canon VIXIA mini. Canon describes this cool, tiny thing as,

The all-new VIXIA mini that makes it easy for you to be the star, so come on out from behind the camcorder and take the stage!

Don’t believe me see for yourself. Be the star!

It’s basically a mini camera that helps you capture literally whatever your thing is – music, dance, sports or video blogging with maximum impact. To test this beauty, boss lady started a v-logging series to document her days and these series are turning out to be a lot more fun that we actually thought they would be. It’s like MissMalini’s World all over again, only this time it’s like a selfie video sans the camera crew. You’ve got to see our Vlogs. You’ll love them guys!

What the VIXIA mini has in store for you?

– A wide-ranging fisheye lens
– A crop-in and crop-out option
– HD quality camera and a superb stereo sound quality
– A tilt-able screen and adjustable stand
– A built-in Wi-Fi, so you can share your creativity with the world.

Believe it or not, this little cutie will give you a whole new perspective on sharing.

Go get your Canon Vixia mini NOW!