10 Signs You're On An Awkward Date!

Shreemi Verma , 19 May 2015
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We’ve all been on dates: good dates, bad dates, awkward dates and ‘I want to marry this person‘ dates haven’t we? But because I’m not really the most romantic person out there, here’s my list of 10 signs that prove your date is awkward as hell! Why am I doing this? Because a) it’s fun and b) you should know when to run! So check it out and tell me more such signs in the comments below.

1) When you’re trying really hard to make small talk.

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Which doesn’t last longer than 2 minutes, followed by silence.

2) When he keeps going on and on about Star Wars and you haven’t seen a single movie.

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3) When she starts discussing her ex-boyfriend within 5 minutes of your date.

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4) When you talk more to the waiters/waitresses than each other!

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5) When he’s talking to your breasts.

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Instead of… you know, talking normally.

6) When he/she starts discussing weird fetishes on your first date.

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Or your second, or your third date. Things like ‘I love kissing armpits’ should only be discussed when you’re REALLY comfortable with each other.

7) When he/she insists on going to a steak house… and you’re actually vegetarian.

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The worst part is when he/she insists that you try the meat when you’ve already told them your food preferences.

8) When he/she gets wasted on two glasses of wine!

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Leaving you to help them throw up.

9) When you accidentally ask them about a photo they posted on a social networking site back in 2007.

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10) When they have bad breath and they insist on kissing.

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