It's Official: Anurag Kashyap & Kalki Koechlin Are Now Divorced

Swagata Dam , 19 May 2015
Kalki and Anurag Kashyap
Kalki and Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap: I asked her for dinner every single day! (Laughs)
Kalki Koechlin: Well, I was skeptical. He was much older, was divorced and also a dad! And I did not want people to think I ‘landed’ the director in my very first film… I told him if you ever want to get married, it would be in the confines of this little house. And that’s almost how it was. We had just 20 close people at the wedding.

That’s an excerpt from an old interview of the former couple. But unfortunately, Anurag and Kalki’s love story ended recently. Though the couple didn’t end things between them on a bitter note, they’ve now parted ways for good. After being separated for a few months, the duo recently got their divorce by mutual consent.

A while ago, a source had told a leading daily, “The fights were too frequent. They loved each other but they couldn’t live with each other. Anurag gets emotionally disturbed by things and people around him and Kalki couldn’t cope with his routine frustration.”

While Anurag was quoted in an interview saying, “Losing Kalki was his biggest loss,” Kalki had stated how he’s making it sound like she’s dead (read her entire statement here). But she had affirmed that they continue to be good terms with each other. However, she had also once shared, “I wasn’t sure where my relationship with Anurag was going. All of it was unclear. Now, we are pretty sure that we are not going to be together.”

And just like that, another Bollywood love story just came to an end…

Here’s wishing Kalki and Anurag all the best for their respective journeys.

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