5 Desi Girl Skin Problems & Their Natural Solutions!

Devanshi Kapadia , 25 May 2015
Source: Imgflip
Source: Imgflip

I did a little research and figured out the top 5 skincare concerns that desi girls have. So, I thought, why not find simple and easy solutions? Okay, hold up… they aren’t just simple and easy, but all natural, organic, aroma based solutions. So, while you’re beautifying your skin, the aromas will assist you in relaxing amongst other benefits. Now, it’s no news that Team MissMalini is all for double-duty beauty, right?  If you aren’t ready to change up your entire routine, start out by adding a little something to the daily grind: how about a little Soulflower? If you’re one to opt for natural skin care, these products are certified cold-pressed essential oils and handmade soaps for your hair, skin, mind, and body!

1) Wrinkles & Fine-Lines

Try applying geranium essential oil to the wrinkled areas to prevent and reduce the appearance, especially the under eye area.

Soulflower - Coldpressed Grapeseed Pure Natural Carrier Oil
Soulflower – Coldpressed Grapeseed Pure Natural Carrier Oil

2) Hyper-Pigmentation

Apply grapeseed carrier oil all over your face or concentrate just on the darkened areas to minimise the appearance of pigmentation.

Soulflower - Pure Geranium Essential Oil
Soulflower – Pure Geranium Essential Oil

3) Oily Scalp

The key is to clean your scalp without stripping it of it’s essential oils. Try a shampoo bar that doubles up as a conditioning hair soap and has all the goodness of ingredients like coconut oil, without leaving your skin oily.

Soulflower - Shampoo Bar
Soulflower – Shampoo Bar

4) Tan Removal

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to remove a tan. Use a lemon/citrus based oil as an exfoliating cleanser and rub it in circular motions to slough away dead skin.

Soulflower - Pure Lemon Essential Oil
Soulflower – Pure Lemon Essential Oil

5) Flaky/ Dry Skin

Moisturising and exfoliation are key when it comes to dry skin. We’ve got the scrub part covered, but that will leave your skin thirsty for moisture. Jojoba essential oil is the best for this job.

Soulflower Cold - Pressed Jojoba Pure Oil
Soulflower Cold – Pressed Jojoba Pure Oil

Psst… jojoba oil does so much more than acting as a moisturizer for your face.

If you want to get your hands on these goodies, check out Soulflower’s website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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