This Beauty Product Will Save You A Whole Lot Of Time!

Natasha Patel , 26 May 2015
Beyoncé (Source: www.beyoncé.com)
Beyoncé (Source: www.beyoncé.com)

After you’ve read this post, your highlighter will have just become your best friend. If you’re wary of the beauty and efficiency of products called highlighters (a.k.a illuminators), then what planet have you been living on? A few years ago when highlighters became a rager, I had to go out and get some (herd mentality if you may call it). BUT! It’s only recently that I’ve been addicted to their numerous uses. They not only highlight certain areas of your face but bring a little extra attention and a subtle glow to the areas you want to enhance.

Benefit Cosmetic’s High Brow liner is gold!

Benefit (Source:
Benefit (Source:

Here’s how you can make the most of this amazing pencil!

1) On your cheekbones

Highlighter goes on the apples of your cheek. (Basically above where you’d put your blush).

2) Just below your eyebrows

It’s all about the brows! And to make your brows look REALLY good, accent the brow bone! Apply a little bit below your eyebrow (on the arc).

3) Brighten up the inner corner of your eyes

Perk up your eyes and apply the highlighter by gently go over your waterline with the pencil.

4) Slim the nose

Swipe the highlighter down the bridge of your nose and blend it. This brings all the attention to the middle of your face. So kiss your chubby cheeks goodbye.

5) Right in the dip of your cupid’s bow

Angelina Jolie lips, here I come. Well not really. But dabbing the highlighter just above your cupid’s bow can get you slightly fuller looking lips.

Ladies, you’re now all set to seize the day!

(Source: Giphy)
(Source: Giphy)

Here’s how you can use it:

For The Day: Want to get that morning glow? Apply your highlighter all over your face in outward motions. Then layer on your foundation as usual and blend the two products together.

For The Night: If you want your eyeshadow to stay all night use your highlighter and apply a generous amount over your lids before your shadow.

Holler if you need any help or requests!

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