You Can't Miss These 7 Deleted Scenes From Mean Girls - Because These Girls Just Got Meaner!

Aayushi Bhargava , 28 May 2015
mean girls

I’m pretty sure, if you’ve on this post then you’ve definitely watched Mean Girls like a zillion times. But now, imagine how these 7 deleted scenes would fit into a film that you remember by heart. It’s time to restructure those Mean Girls moments in your head because these girls have just gotten 10 times meaner than before!

1) The one where Regina George is trying to be nice.

2) The one where Aaron Samuels is holding his mother’s underwear.

3) The one where Regina gets crappy.

4) The one where Ms. Sharon Norbury is not ready for pulled pork.

5) The one where Cady gets all weird and tense with her mom!

6) The one where Karen becomes the victim.

7) The one where they try to replace ‘frenemies.’

Had these scenes been in the movie, they would have only made it better! What do you guys think?

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