9 Hilarious Things Chetan Bhagat Said About #NachBaliye7

Priyam Saha , 29 May 2015
Chetan Bhagat & Sharad Tripathi
Chetan Bhagat & Sharad Tripathi

So Rashmi and I hosted an #MMHangouts with the bestselling author and now Nach Baliye 7 judge, Chetan Bhagat, and fellow writer and Nach Baliye 7 contestant, Sharad Tripathi. Not only are the boys fun to watch on Star Plus, they’re also super cool to hangout with. While Sharad’s wit impressed us throughout the hangout, Chetan left us in splits with his one liners.

Here are 10 of our faves from them all!

Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat

1. When he told us just how hard he finds dancing

Writing is not a real job. It’s a thinking job. Dancing is a real job.

2. When he revealed why he became judge

He (Sharad Tripathi) went for his love, I went for Ekta Kapoor.

3. When he spoke about being hounded by fans

You’re just like a chimpanzee. If they see a monkey, they’ll take a picture and put up a picture.

4. When asked if he thought he was as overcritical judge

Maybe the others are too lenient.

5. When he spoke about his bromance with Marzi Pestonji

Marzi and I are like magnets – attracting and repelling at the same time.

6. When we wanted to know if he’d dance on the show

Never say never!

7. When he revealed his favourite mean tweet about him

Chetan Bhagat is like that uncle in the mohalla who doesn’t like girls wearing cropped tops.

8. And again…

“First he writes bad books, now he judges badly. I’m so confused.” – I’m like, what is the confusion? It’s all bad.

9. When he made this fact crystal clear!

Whatever happens on the show is unscripted – between the hosts, between Marzi and I. I just want to confirm here that the show is absolutely unscripted.

You can watch the entire hangout here…

And you can catch all the #TooMuch action every Sunday at 8pm only on Star Plus.

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