Photo Diary: Celebrities Spotted At The Launch Of Pizza Metro Pizza In Kemps Corner!

Aayushi Bhargava , 01 Jun 2015
Ayaz Khan
Diego Palladino, Arja Shridhar, Jay Mehta, Sam Malde
Jay Mehta
Jay Mehta
Juhi Chawla
Kailash and Aarti Surendranath
Mala Goenka
Malini Akerkar
Payal Ghosh
Rahul Akerkar
Rashmi Nigam and Ayaz Khan
Rashmi Nigam
Sangita Kathiwada
Schauna Saluja
Sharmila Khanna
Sharmilla Khanna and Zeba Kohli
Sunaina Wahi
Suresh Bojwani
Ugo Ciarlatani
Zeba and Rajesh Kohli

South Mumbai is getting Bombay’s second branch of London’s Pizza Metro Pizza – in Kemps Corner! It’s all set to open in the first week of June for us all, and we’re really looking forward to it. The grand launch of the pizzeria was organised by its founders and directors, Diego Palladino, Sam Malde, Jay Mehta and Arja Shridhar. We spotted a lot of celebrities who graced this event, including Juhi Chawla, Rashmi Nigam and Ayaz Khan.

We can’t wait to visit this outlet. Can you?

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