The 8 Best Things About Dil Dhadakne Do!

Team MissMalini , 05 Jun 2015
Dil Dhadakne Do
Dil Dhadakne Do

Dil Dhadakne Do is not a film without faults – but it is one of those films where you want to ignore all its faults and lose yourself in the larger-than-life problems of the Mehra family, if only so that you can forget about your own for some time. There’s a lot to like in this one, and Zoya Akhtar may just have done it again by delivering a film that’s both fun but also manages to touch on important issues like relationships, family, and finding the courage to follow your own path in life. If you’ve been considering catching this film in cinemas this weekend, here are eight awesome things about the film:

Dil Dhadakne Do
Dil Dhadakne Do

1. Anil Kapoor

He’s back like never before, and he’s in full form for this one. Fans of the actor won’t be disappointed.

2. Ranveer Singh

He’s fantastic. He’s charming. He’s funny. And he’s really, really hot. Ranveer owns Kabir, bringing out the various layers of his characters.

3. The vomit jokes

These jokes – that occur in one particular scene in the film – are so bad, but they’re also pretty hilarious. It’s writing like this that makes Dil Dhadakne Do so much fun.

3. Gallan Goodiyan

This song is the best one on the soundtrack, and it’s shot completely in one take. That’s no easy task, especially considering the sheer number of people in the song, but the end result is great.

4. It looks amazing

Zoya Akhtar’s aesthetic + Carlos Catalan‘s camerawork + good-looking people + gorgeous locations = one excellent looking film.

5. Sunny

Of all the characters in the film – and there are many – Farhan Akhtar‘s Sunny is one of my favourites. Unfortunately he’s not the main focus and therefore doesn’t benefit from much character development, but he’s a smart, charming, endearing character that I would’ve loved to see more of.

Ranveer Singh and Farhan Akhtar (Source: @DilDhadakneDo)
Ranveer Singh and Farhan Akhtar (Source: @DilDhadakneDo)

6. Kabir and Farah’s banter

Ranveer and Anushka Sharma make the rushed romance work, and their banter is fun, engaging, and very heartening.

7. The hospital scene

You’ve seen a glimpse of it in the trailer, but it’s one of the best scenes in the film – Shefali Shah owns it.

8. The aunties

The supporting cast, especially the ladies, make up some of the best moments in the film. One particular scene, where Priyanka Chopra – who’s also fantastic – exasperatedly tells the ladies to “get a job!” is particularly funny.

Have you seen Dil Dhadakne Do? What was your favourite part of the film?

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