Anil Kapoor Tells Us How He Proposed To His Wife, Sunita - It's HILARIOUS!

Rashmi Daryanani , 08 Jun 2015
MissMalini and Anil Kapoor
MissMalini and Anil Kapoor

MissMalini hosted the Facebook booth at the IIFA 2015 Green Carpet, which means she got to chat with a bunch of celebrities as they headed into the venue for the awards function! One of those celebrities was Anil Kapoor, and he was asked by a Facebook fan whether he ever had a crush in kindergarten. The actor said no, but said that he has been married to his wife for 42 years, was dating her for many years before that and was friends with her even before that – so it was practically like a kindergarten crush!

MissMalini then asked him how he proposed to his wife, and his answer is pretty hilarious. Have a look at the video below:

I said ‘either I marry you tomorrow, or never.’ She had no expression; she almost wanted to kill me!

*lol* Only Anil Kapoor!

Psst! Make sure you check out MM’s quick conversation with Parineeti Chopra too:

Here are some interesting bytes from the Facebook Q&A Booth at the #IIFA2015 green carpet.Here’s what Parineeti Chopra had to say when MissMalini quizzed her!

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