Bollywood Q&A: Are Nikhil Advani's Katti Batti & Hero Arriving On Back To Back Weekends?

Joginder Tuteja , 10 Jun 2015

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Hero, Katti Batti
Hero, Katti Batti

Will Hero and Katti Batti arrive on back to back weeks since both are directed by Nikhil Advani? -[Guru – Satara]

As of now, Katti Batti has been slated for 18th September while Hero is supposed to arrive a week later on 25th September. Since even a Sneak Peak poster of Hero has been out with this date, it is going to be highly improbable that its release date would shift now, especially since it has already been moved earlier a couple of times. This leaves Katti Batti the flexibility to reschedule its arrival. However, since Kangna is on a high, those who have invested in Katti Batti won’t really want to push the film ahead much, which brings upon an interesting scenario of the two films actually arriving back to back.

There is a precedent for this though. A decade ago, Priyadarshan had two of his films release on the ‘same day’, 2nd November 2005, with Akshay Kumar and John Abraham‘s Garam Masala clashing with Salman Khan‘s Kyun Ki. In fact a couple of decades back, David Dhawan had faced a similar predicament when his Deewana Mastana (23rd September 1997) and Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi (9th October 1997) were separated by just a couple of weeks.

Well, Nikhil would be in truly elite company if Hero and Katti Batti indeed arrive on back to back weeks. It is unlikely though that something like this would happen.

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