The Internet Reacts Hilariously To Salman Khan's Twitter Rant!

Shreemi Verma , 10 Jun 2015
Salman Khan

Salman Khan‘s epic Twitter rant last night was stuff Internet legends are made off. But as we all know, his fans are far more important (when it comes to entertaining us), that’s why here are some of the priceless reactions people on Twitter blessed us with after Bhai told his fans not to abuse his fraternity! Check it out.

These proud men.

This Ishq Wala Love, Pakka Wala Promise.

This pleading person.

This guy who has created a nation of Bhai fans.

This obedient man.

This obedient man’s explanation to Salman Khan.

But he hit me first ma‘.

This fan who is willing to look over Sallu’s poor grammar.

These lovers.

This guy with an important question.

Why not Himesh, Salman? 

This girl who knows a lot.

No one can come closer to you.


Bhai roxx but fans are roxxi-er (yep that’s a word I just made up).

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