This Is What Jacqueline Fernandez Has To Say About Being “Kicked” Out Of Kick 2

Aayushi Bhargava
Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez
Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez

It was recently announced that there is going to be a sequel to the Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer, Kick. After which there were rumours that Jacqueline was apparently “kicked” out of the sequel because of issues with Salman. So, at a very recent event when a reporter asked the actress what she had to say about not being a part of bhai’s film, this is what she said:

I didn’t even know a sequel was being made. But since Salman has announced it then it must be happening. Shooting Kick was the best experience of my life. He has done enough for me – and if it’s being made then I wish him all the best. I hope I get to work with Salman again.

Well, we don’t know how true the rumours are about these “issues.” Now, let’s just wait and see who gets to play the lead in Kick 2.

Who do you think might replace Jacqueline?