TVF Pitchers Is The Latest Experiment By The Viral Fever Guys And We Think It's Rather Cool!

Shreemi Verma , 10 Jun 2015

After Permanent Roommates, the cool people at TVF now bring you Pitchers, a show about the emerging start up culture in India. Pitchers tries to capture the aspirational quotient of this phenomenon which is a lot like the famed American dream. The show is about your belief in achieving unparalleled success in something you are passionate about, provided you take the risk, and work hard. It tries to capture the struggles of youngsters as they embark on the journey of starting their own company. Sounds exciting and a lot like the beginning of! Check out their season 1 preview.

Want to know more, don’t you? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered – Pitchers is the story of 4 characters. Naveen – the leader of the pack. Jitu – the hardworking, genius coder. Yogi – the exuberant loose canon and Mandal – The outsider who nobody is sure of. The first season of the show spans 5 episodes. Humor is obviously the glue of the series (it’s The Viral Fever, you guys), but it’s the dramatic moments in each episode that will set the show apart.

Watch episode 1 right now on TVF Play, TVF’s own platform where you can register free and watch all their amazing shows! I finally have something fun to watch tonight :)

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