“Ranveer Singh And Me Trying To Hit Various Degrees Of Drunkenness Was A Riot” – Ridhima Sud

“Ranveer Singh And Me Trying To Hit Various Degrees Of Drunkenness Was A Riot” – Ridhima Sud

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Ridhima Sud
Ridhima Sud

In a star-vehicle that features not one but four super talented stars, it’s no cakewalk for a newcomer to deliver a performance that leaves an impression. But Ridhima Sud managed the unthinkable with absolute elan. Despite sharing screen space with established actors like Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Farhan Akhtar, the pretty girl made a mark as the modern Indian Juliet aka Noorie in Zoya Akhtar‘s Dil Dhadakne Do. The Delhi damsel bagged the role of Vikrant Massey‘s ladylove in the film right after her first audition. However, she’s not just another glam doll. She is a beauty with brains and boasts a double-major in Political Science and Economics from New York University. Considering this little Miss Sunshine has won the hearts of many and is being touted as one of the next big things in Bollywood, we decided to catch up with her for a candid chat. Excerpts:

Team MissMalini: Firstly, how did Dil Dhadakne Do happen?

Ridhima Sud: Thanks to Nandini Shrikent who’s one of the biggest and best casting directors in India. She had worked with me on some ad campaigns and called me to audition for Noorie. They gave me one scene to prepare and Zoya personally auditioned me at her home. It was incredibly nerve-wracking because I really love her work.

Team MM: Appreciation for your performance is being showered on you from all quarters. How does it feel?

RS: It feels really good. I feel validated. When your peers and industry seniors appreciate you, it says that they see you as one of their own and that’s bigger than any award or accolade. But it’s all very overwhelming and I almost want it to stop because I don’t want it giving me false notions of grandeur about my skills. Also, much of the credit goes to Zoya. Cinema is a director’s medium.

Ridhima Sud and Ranveer Singh | Source: Twitter |
Ridhima Sud and Ranveer Singh | Source: Twitter |

Team MM: Talking about Zoya, how was it being directed by an ace filmmaker like her?

RS: It was a dream. She would let me shamelessly improvise and do what I wanted to do with Noorie which was surprising and on a creative level, it was also amazing. I want to work with her again and again because there was great synergy.

Team MM: Share your most memorable moment from the sets of the film.

RS: The shoot of my first scene marked my most memorable moment from the sets. It was the introduction scene where I meet Ranveer at the bar. We did many drunk versions of that scene for Zoya and it was hilarious because I had never played a drunk character before. And Ranveer and me trying to hit various degrees of drunkenness was a riot! We did everything from composed to slightly tipsy to about to fall off the bar stool.

Team MM: When are we going to see you on screen next?

RS: I don’t know! I am creatively spoilt now. I would love to work with Yash Raj Films and Dharma Production to continue staying creatively spoilt !

Team MM: Describe yourself in 3 words.

RS: Haha I can’t . To steal form King Lear – ‘‘Who is it that can tell me who I am?”

Ridhima Sud
Ridhima Sud

Team MM: All the boys want to know your relationship status…

RS: They do?! Ok, well I’m not dating anyone.

Team MM: Now that we know you are single, why don’t you describe your ideal man so that your male fans can take a cue?

RS: He should have a strong sense of self, an intact moral compass, sense of duty and responsibility towards his family and friends, intelligence, independent thinking and some rebellion. Also, he has to have a sense of adventure – like get up and travel on a day’s notice And most importantly, he must have great taste in music. Good luck to me, right?

Team MM: If you like a guy, would you ever walk up to him and initiate a conversation?

RS: Haha! I would but then I’d end up saying something stupid like “What’s your favourite type of bread?” because I’m a dork. It’s always the nicest to have the guy initiate because that instantly reflects on his sense of self. I’m a little old school like that. I am not saying take me out on dinner dates – I find the whole notion very stiff and uncomfortable. Also, I feel trying to eat in front of someone you fancy on your first date is a nightmare.

Team MM: What’s the first thing you notice in a guy?

RS: Eyes. I know it’s cheesy but they really are a window to the soul.

Ridhima Sud
Ridhima Sud

Team MM: When did you last Google yourself?

RS: Hahahha! Three days ago, because someone wrote something that wasn’t very flattering and I was hoping it had gone away.

Team MM: What was your last purchase?

RS: I don’t spend on material goodies as much as I like spending on experiences. So a spa day was my last purchase. But literally I was there ALL day.

Team MM: If Team MissMalini came to your house for dinner, what would you make us?

RS: Oh wow. I would first have a million questions for you guys starting with:
1) How many people am I expecting?
2) How many are vegetarian?
3) Does anybody have any allergies?

I come from a family where food is taken very, very seriously so it would def. be a ten course meal.

Team MM: On a scale of one to 10, how attractive are you, according to you?

RS: Noooo. I can’t answer this! My mum’s a PHD from IIT Delhi and I was never allowed to concentrate on my looks or vanity. If she ever saw me standing in front of the mirror for a second longer than needed she would literally yank me away.

Team MM: Tell us a secret about yourself.

RS: I’m scared of the Ocean. But I love the beach.