16 Times Game Of Thrones Season 5 Shattered Your Heart Into A Million Pieces!

Shreemi Verma , 16 Jun 2015
Game of Thrones (Courtesy: HBO India)
Game of Thrones (Courtesy: HBO India)

So you know, this little show called Game Of Thrones had a season finale. Obviously it was no big deal, I mean who even watches this show right? Who the hell gets involved in Westerosi politics? Right guys? Guys? Okay this nonchalant approach not working because I CAN’T DEAL WITH THE ATROCITIES GEORGE RR MARTIN PUTS US THROUGH! Not only me, even Team MissMalini’s Pocket Stylist had to message me the entire time because that’s what this show does to us. Anyway, here are the 16 moments from the 5th season of Game Of Thrones that fu#ked our heads up!

1) Mance Rayder’s death

Mance Rayder
Source: Tumblr.com

The first casualty of Melisandre‘s nonsense. Totally set the things in motion for this season.

2) Brienne telling Podrick about Renly’s kindness

Brienne and Podrick
Source: Tumblr.com

Making us more sad about that terrifying shadow monster baby that killed Renly! Seriously, screw you Stannis and Melisandre.

3) Riot in Meereen

Source: Tumblr.com

How to lose friends and alienate people, the Targaryen way!

4) Jon rebuffing Melisandre’s attempts to seduce him

Jon and Melisandre
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You know nothing Jon Snow – has never sounded so ominous before.

5) Ser Barristan Selmy’s death

Ser Barristan Selmy
Source: Tumblr.com

RIP the greatest fighter in Westeros.

6) Jorah’s grayscale

Jorah Mormont
Source: Tumblr.com

A new epidemic? Is that how everyone will die? Before the dragons or the White Walkers even start fighting? Sounds like something George RR Martin would do.

7) Sansa’s rape

Sansa and Ramsay
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8) Theon telling Sansa about Bran and Rickon being alive

Sansa and Theon
Source: Tumblr.com

The hope in her eyes broke my heart. Only because hope and GOT don’t really gel well together.

9) The Night’s King

Night's King
Source: Tumblr.com

Come at me, Crow.

10) Princess Shireen

Princess Shireen
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11) ‘Too old’

Meryn Trant
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Things I want to write about this man will scar people for life. Just that, never have I ever wanted to kill a person so much. Thanks for doing that, Arya.

12) Selyse hanging herself

Selyse Baratheon
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If only you weren’t such a religious fanatic before your daughter was burnt alive, I’d feel really bad for you Selsye. If only.

13) Cersei’s walk of shame

Source: Tumblr.com

Who knew we’d feel bad for Cersei eh?

14) Arya turning blind

Arya Stark
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15) Myrcella’s death…?

Source: Tumblr.com

Is she really dead? Is Jaime THAT bad when it comes to protecting his family?

16) Jon Snow

Jon Snow
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It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over. Jon Snow cannot die, whatever Kit Harington says, I refuse to believe it – NA NA NA NA!

Basically this –

Game Of Thrones
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