8 Quotes Every Fashion Girl Loves To Post On Instagram

Anushka Mulchandani , 16 Jun 2015
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Sometimes I have those days when I read the perfect quote in the morning and my day is suddenly better. And as someone who loves fashion, the more stylish the quote, the more I want to share it with everyone! So I found 8 little gems like these and thought, hey, if one makes me feel good, how about eight together? So scroll through our gallery below and to see them all and tell me, which one have you used the most and which one will you be sharing?

Erm, sorry mom!
For when you're feeling like Victoria Beckham
Shopping bags aren't for bullshit anyway
One is never enough!
Because life will be boring without some fashion
Who needs a man when you can have Manolos?
For those days when you REALLY want to wear sequins
And it will look that much better paired with all that confidence

Instagram, here I come!

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