#YogaDay Has Shown Us A Hilarious Side Of Twitter & We Hope That Never Changes!

Shreemi Verma , 20 Jun 2015
Baba Ramdev
Source: Blogspot.com

Today is Yoga Day and I know everyone’s trying real hard to find a way to incorporate Yoga in their daily lives, but some cool people on Twitter can obviously not resist making a crack at this. So I checked out the funniest tweets on Yoga and decided to list them out because what is life without a few jokes right?

1) When cats reacted to doing Yoga.

2) And there were talks of reviving another ancient art of India…

3) And on the miracles of Baba Ramdev’s school of Yoga.

4) Favourite asna. Ever.

5) Something about a tree and and a tempo, totally unrelated to the rains.

6) Reddit as always, not disappointing when it comes to jokes.

7) Information on the asnas that help you release…wind.

8) Atul Khatri trolling Father’s Day and Yoga Day at one go!

9) Sorabh Pant on this little video a woman called Poonam Pandey did.

10) And obviously, Amul nailing it.

Happy Yoga Day friends!

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