EXCLUSIVE: Shruti Haasan Talks About Her Love For Music, Her Equation With Her Father & Her Thoughts On Alia Bhatt's Singing!

Shreemi Verma , 21 Jun 2015
Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan

On World Music Day, I got the chance to interview the insanely talented Shruti Haasan! The actress-singer-composer-overall great person spoke about her love for music, starting the trend of actresses singing in their movies and our mutual obsession with the Interstellar soundtrack! Check it out.

Team MM: First and foremost, we love your voice! Are the distinct vocals due to natural talent or was there a lot of voice modulation involved?

Shruti Haasan: Thank you so much!! I’ve always had a different voice even when I was a kid but with training over the years I was able to fix my weaknesses and work on enhancing my strengths – classical training and then studying at music school really helped.

Team MM: Let’s just say you started the trend of acting and singing in Bollywood, what are your thoughts on Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha trying their hand at singing?

Shruti Haasan: I think it’s wonderful and if they have fun doing it even better! The more singing the merrier everyone is!

Team MM: Your go-to song whenever you’re down?

Shruti Haasan: It’s heavy metal or prodigy – just lifts my spirits and makes me want to conquer the world!

Team MM: I’m getting a little personal here but the Interstellar theme has somewhat of a hypnotic effect on me, has any movie background score or song affected you that much?

Shruti Haasan: Oh my god! I just watched that movie last night! It was an awesome score – I’ve loved scoring for films, it’s another experience altogether. I love the soundtrack of The Godfather, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Requiem For A Dream and Amelie … actually there are too many (laughs).

Team MM: You sang your first song at the age of six for your father’s movie and turned a music composer in 2009 with his movie, how difficult was it to live up to Kamal Hassan’s expectations?

Shruti Haasan: He’s always wanted me to sing, that’s why I’m called Shruti I guess (laughs). He likes my voice, he’s proud of my musical side and that makes me happy – he’s an amazing singer too so I hope we sing together soon once again.

Shruti Hassan

Team MM: I think it’s awesome that apart from acting and composing for commercial movies, you’re a part of an alternative rock band, when did this happen and do you still perform?

Shruti Haasan: I don’t perform anymore as I’m too busy shooting but I’ve promised myself I will get back to it cause it makes me so damn happy to perform LIVE!

Team MM: Who is the best singer in the family?

Shruti Haasan: Me! Hahahahaha!

Team MM: Do you and your father have similar taste in music?

Shruti Haasan: Yes, we actually do in a weird way – we share music a lot and we both love Jesus Christ Superstar LOL!

Team MM: How important is music in the world?

Shruti Haasan: It’s the best thing that’s happened to our species. Love is a close second and third is food.

Team MM: Who are the artists, composers you wish to collaborate the in the future with?

Shruti Haasan: So so many… but I adore Tori Amos so much and I love Incubus.

She is a cool girl isn’t she?

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