These Women Are Live Tweeting Their Period - And It's Absolutely Liberating! #LiveTweetYourPeriod

Aayushi Bhargava , 23 Jun 2015
Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

#LiveTweetYourPeriod was a hashtag that was started in November 2014 to break the social stigma around the period. Women were encouraged to talk about their period openly and freely without having to think twice. So now, a lot of women have taken to twitter to “live tweet” their days of a natural process that their bodies go through every month. Trust me, this is absolutely liberating!

Check out their tweets!

1) This one issued a statutory warning!

2) Thanks to Disney, there’s an explanation for everything.

3) Food is our BFF!

4) Word!

5) To the point.

6) #ThisHappened

7) Newsflash!

8) Oh! The days of horror!

9) Because this symbolism is for REAL.

10) The crappy cramps!

11) All hail! The era of sweatpants!

12) Let the games begin!

Just reading these cathartic tweets is making us feel so much better.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

What about you?

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