These Gorgeous Photos Of The #MumbaiRains Are Going To Make You Miss The City

Rashmi Daryanani , 24 Jun 2015
Mumbai Rains
Mumbai Rains

You know how people say there’s just something that pulls you to Mumbai? Well, that’s never as true as it is during the monsoon – because despite the water logging, commuting problems and occasional house arrests, it’s still the favourite season of many Mumbaikars. And the number one complaint I hear from people who aren’t in Mumbai is that they wish they were during the rains. After all, when hashtags like #MumbaiRains start doing the rounds on Instagram, it’s not hard to imagine why – the monsoon sets the backdrop for some amazing photos. These, in particular, are some of our favourites. And if you aren’t in the city right now, they will make you miss Mumbai:

1) This one of Marine drive

2) This one of the best monsoon meal

3) This one of the sea link

4) This one tagged #50shadesofgrey

5) This one of a boy walking on a railway track

6) This umbrella lane in Dadar

7) This one of a boy with a colourful umbrella

8) This one of a couple under an umbrella

9) This close-up of the drops

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10) This one titled “chasing the rain”

11) This one of a bird chilling at his favourite spot

12) This one of a puddle reflection

13) This one of a dark and stormy night

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