Kangna Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has seen it all in the industry. Being an outsider, even though she proved her mettle from her very first film, it took her a long time to actually feel like a part of the industry. She has always been honest when she talks about the people of Bollywood, and we respect her for that.

While talking to ETC, she opened up about how she hates the negativity that is a part of this industry and how it is being unfair to Anurag Kashyap after Bombay Velvet.

She said:

Everybody is ready to stab you with daggers here! Bombay Velvet didn’t work. It’s very sad, and everyone has a low point and fails sometimes, and Anurag (Kashyap) is my friend; even if he wouldn’t have been my friend, I would have felt like he’s an outsider and he’s being treated like he has done some sort of crime. Why are some people so frustrated in our industry? There are many ups and downs but this sort of attitude is very wrong and I hate it. I’m happy that I don’t entertain anyone like this. I mind my own business and don’t get involved in these kinds of things. I don’t even listen to these kinds of things. But there are such poisonous talks all around, this social media is such a weird place, there is so much negativity and so much poison that if I focus on all this then I would go in deep depression with so much negativity being around.

She also expressed how she would never want to be on such a platform where people are so against her. So much “poison” would actually turn her into someone “like Guru Dutt.”

Aww. Kangana is so right! What do you guys think?