Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol

Hi fans and lovers of Bobby Deol, there’s a hilarious Twitter account dedicated to the greatest Deol in Bollywood and it is blowing our minds! It’s funny, mean and completely crazy, basically everything I love. So don’t waste anymore time and please read some gems this account has tweeted in honour of my Bobby.

1) Because Bobby does not have regular bodyguards…

2) Because Bobby is most charitable.

3) Because Bobby does not like the media

4) Because Bobby knows the effect Jhoom Barabar Jhoom has on people

5) Because Shaka laka laka laka laka laka laka laka Shaka laka boom boom!

6) Because Bobby knows how much we miss Maggie.

7) Because Bobby knows how to make every conversation about Humraaz

8) Because Bobby doesn’t want to scare you

9) Because Bobby knows that 3D is the future

10) Because Bobby knows the value of money

11) Because…

12) And finally because Bobby is immune to burns.

I still love you Bobby, you gave us Gupt, you gave us life.