Movie that make dresing for the street fun!
Movie that make dressing for the street fun!

Ever watched a movie and said, “I wanna try that!” We at BandraRoad have had several such moments and used them to reference style boards. In past posts, we have referred to classic denim trends in pop culture and a few style stars like Farah Fawcett and Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. Today, we’re talking style in movies in a way that is easy to recreate on your own.

From androgynous looks to the boho vibe of a roadie with a rock band; these styles are simple but have that cool street vibe BandraRoad loves and you will too!

The pinstripe and Brenton stripe love in Breathless

Take a little bit of the masculine clean lines in pinstripes or Brenton stripes, throw on a pair of slouchy pants and you have the cool, relax style exhibited by Jean Seberg in Breathless. This could be a perfect balance between casual and a slightly formal sense of style.

Brenton stripes in Breathless
Brenton stripes in Breathless

The Boh0-Rock chick vibe in Almost Famous

Mixing styles is the most fun a fashion lover can have. Take a page off Penny Lane‘s style files in Almost Famous to recreate your own version of the ‘cool boho girl with the rock band’ look. You will need aviators, frock tops, lace, hippie themed tees, coloured stone rings and some cool boots to start the process. Everything mentioned here could be found on the streets we recommend in our #SecretsOfTheStreet series!

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous
Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous

Dope dancer street style in the Step Up movies

We love the Step Up movies and keep an eye on them for all the cool street dancer style inspirations. Right from the first movie to the newer ones, the styling in the film is represented in a cool, fresh avatar. Baggy jeans, hoodies, cut-offs, sports jumpers, sneakers and a whole lot of swag, lines the style story here and its perfectly functional if you’re a dancer.

Dancer swag in the Step Up movies
Dancer swag in the Step Up movies

Dandy Inspirations in Annie Hall

Now taking all the elements in Diane Keaton‘s look in Annie Hall, might be comical. But look at them as separates. The baggy formal pants work well with crop tops, the thick spectacles can turn an outfit into a geek chic one and checked shirt looks swell on almost everyone! That’s how you dissect a style in a film and make it your own.

Diane Keaton's androgynous dandy style in Annie Hall
Diane Keaton’s androgynous dandy style in Annie Hall

The grunge/skinny look in Trainspotting

Forget the fact that the movie was about heroin addicts and just look at the styles in isolation. No rules, no trends; the looks were framed keeping the skinny style story that was prominent among teens in England in the ’90s. Skinny ripped jeans, white canvas sneakers and the random round framed tinted sunglasses appeared in the film at instances. I really feel it’s time the skinny jeans made their comeback! Don’t you?

Trainspotting's skinny jeans and grunge look feed into the rock punk vibe in the 90s
Trainspotting’s skinny jeans and grunge look feed into the rock punk vibe in the 90s

From movies to the street or the streets to the movies. It’s hard to guess who inspired whom but the fact remains that these looks formed a reference board to styling tricks in our everyday life! Which style will you try first?

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